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Spiritual Healing

Reiki is an ancient art of healing that helps to restore the balance and flow of energy in your body. Through gentle touch, Reiki practitioners can reduce stress, anxiety and promote relaxation for their clients through its powerful transformational energies. It has been known to focus on balancing the seven chakras--the pathways where our vital life force flows within us--which if blocked, can lead to physical or emotional illness such as headaches or mood swings. Practitioners use this technique with mindfulness & intentionality so clients may tap into a greater sense of well-being - rejuvenating both mind & spirit!


ThetaHealing is a powerful mind and body technique that taps into the Creative Source to help us transform our very cells. By redirecting the flow of neuropeptides within, we are able to shift how we feel emotionally, physically and spiritually - ultimately enabling us  to change ourselves from the inside out for our highest good! This dynamic process provides an incredible opportunity for positive personal growth as it helps manifest lasting changes in every aspect of life.

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