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Elevated Beauty & Style

Denise Borenstein is an expert in the beauty and wellness industry, having been a part of it since 2002. Throughout her career she has truly pushed boundaries by journeying across America to gain special certifications from doctors and spiritual healers alike to maximize clients’ appearance both inside out – resulting in glowing skin, strong bodies, and elevated spirits! Her esteemed reputation speaks for itself; with integrity as one of her foundation stones plus a commitment to excellence that drives all she does - no wonder why there are countless who look up (and reach) towards perfection thanks to this veteran aesthetician/healer's help. Inspired by “VIBE”  (an acronym standing for Vibrant-Inspired-Balanced-Empowered), Denise proudly offers services at Aspen VIBE which seeks something even more meaningful than just 'beauty'. Allow yourself some high quality pampering today, rocked on physical appearances but also striving after balance within your very soul!


Away from work, Denise always looks for chances to get outdoors and have fun with her partner Mike. Whether it is skiing, golfing, playing tennis, or hiking with their four-legged son Hank (affectionately known as SpHank for spoiled Hank), Denise loves being one with nature. Her deepest loves of all are her two children, Jordan and Isabella.

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